Can I Have A Property CMA for My Area and How Do You Go About Doing That?

     In order to produce a CMA for your property, I will look at all the active, pending and sold properties in your area. I will prepare your comp two ways; one CMA will be geared towards your specific area and one will be geared toward a bit of a bigger area in order to give you the value of your home. Cities within the San Diego area, such as La Jolla, break off into many little neighborhoods, and different neighborhoods are going to have varying values depending on where you live and the unique characteristics of your property. Not one property is ever the same, so in order to determine the value which can be challenging, I have to consider all the characteristics of your home; the layout, finishes, geographical location, and much more. My report will depend on all factors. As a professional realtor that has hyper-local knowledge of my area, coupled with being a native of San Diego, is a great benefit when it comes to determining the value of a home. I have been in the majority of homes that have been on the market and have sold, so I can give you a better assessment than most appraisers or assessors.



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