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Why learning about the real estate market matters……

  1. Knowing the health of the local market influences the value of your home. The more you know about the market, the better you understand the value of your home. Learn what your home is worth by clicking here.
  2. Knowing the health of the local market can help you make the right decision if you are thinking about buying or selling. Some reasons why people want to buy or sell are;
    • empty nesters- need less space
    • growing family
    • change in finances
    • investments
  3. Real Estate plays an important role in the health of our economy. Knowing the current real estate trends will help you better understand the current economy health.

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Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

2018 has so far been a good year. We have made a few changes to my team but I am happy to say that we are now stronger than ever. The best way for me to describe what you have missed so far is by showing you my most recent videos and if you enjoy my videos then please follow my channel on youtube.

As you know I am a native of San Diego and I love my home. It is only fair that I share my love of San Diego with you.

Beach Life Shore is Perfect

San Diego Restaurant Recommendations

Here is what has been going on in the real estate market in the last 3 months.

September Market Update

August Market Update

June Market Update