Quick recap of how 2017 compared to the previous year

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Vincent Crudo | Crudo and Associates Real Estate

Hey Guys, I’m Vincent Crudo with Willis Real Estate. It’s January 2018 and I’m exited to give you your Frist Pacific Beach Market Update for 2018!

I want to give you a quick recap of how 2017 compared to the previous year:
Th Number of Active Listings in 2017 down 4%
The Number of Sold Listings in 2017 was down just lightly at 1.3%

But one thing that has NOT gone down was The…Average… Sale Price. There was a 16.9% increase in 2017 compared to the previous year.
That’s pretty good if you ask me.
Keep this in mind…there are ONLY 37 Homes for sale in Pacific Beach. That’s not a much of a selection… I have quite a few buyers at the moment actively looking for property and we have exhausted all available options on the active market.
If you are a property owner in 92019, would you sell your home, duplex or multi-unit property!!!!?? If so I want to connect with you. Leave a comment, send me a direct message, or even an old fashion phone call I ALWAYS answer my phone.
I look forward to connecting.


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