January Market Update

January is off to a good start with 50 Active Listings, 20 Pending Listings, and 8 Homes Sold! Tip of the Month… Buyers get pre-qualified! It is much easier than you think. If you need a referral to a mortgage professional shoot me a message and I will forward you a few contacts. If you are in need of any assistance buying, selling or investing put a local to the test! 😎
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Year 2018

It wouldn’t have been possible without you! 🥰 Thank you to my Team, my Clients, my Family and Friends for the great year! 🙏

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San Diego is such a beautiful place to live and I have made it my mission to provide my clients with the best real estate experience. I have been selling, buying and helping clients invest in real estate since 2005 and I haven’t looked back since. Customer service is my top priority. I listen to what my clients say, I negotiate fearlessly and I help them achieve their goals. People ask me why chose you? or why even chose a real estate agent when there is so much information online. The difference between me and other average real estate agents is; I sell home faster, for more money and make that process as seamless as possible for my client. I look forward to another great year and thank you to my clients for making it all possible.

Happy Halloween from my family to yours by Vincent Crudo

Why learning about the real estate market matters……

  1. Knowing the health of the local market influences the value of your home. The more you know about the market, the better you understand the value of your home. Learn what your home is worth by clicking here.
  2. Knowing the health of the local market can help you make the right decision if you are thinking about buying or selling. Some reasons why people want to buy or sell are;
    • empty nesters- need less space
    • growing family
    • change in finances
    • investments
  3. Real Estate plays an important role in the health of our economy. Knowing the current real estate trends will help you better understand the current economy health.

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Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

2018 has so far been a good year. We have made a few changes to my team but I am happy to say that we are now stronger than ever. The best way for me to describe what you have missed so far is by showing you my most recent videos and if you enjoy my videos then please follow my channel on youtube.

As you know I am a native of San Diego and I love my home. It is only fair that I share my love of San Diego with you.

Beach Life Shore is Perfect

San Diego Restaurant Recommendations

Here is what has been going on in the real estate market in the last 3 months.

September Market Update

August Market Update

June Market Update

10 Road Trips Within 5 Hours of San Diego

Recently Willis Allen published a blog post about 7 road trip destinations within 5 hours of San Diego; we liked the post so much we thought we’d share it, and include a couple more suggestions!

One of the benefits of living in America’s Finest City is the ability to easily go someplace else awesome for a quick getaway. There are numerous hot spots and hidden retreats around SoCal. Here are seven of our favorites that you can get to within a five-hour car ride.

Julian (Travel time: 1 hour)
The small mountain town of Julian, 50 miles northeast of San Diego, is a Designated Historical District and as American as apple pie (because of all the apples they grow!). Tourists are drawn to its historic mining and frontier-town image. In addition to Julian’s old-fashioned downtown offerings (eating apple pie is a must-do), you can take a mining tour, pick apples at a local orchard (in season), hike the surrounding mountain trails, get a tasting at a winery, visit your first camel dairy, and check on the wolves rehabilitating at the California Wolf Center.

Palomar Mountain State Park (Travel time: 1.5 hours)
Palomar Mountain is most famous as the home of the Palomar Observatory and the Hale Telescope. There are campgrounds for vacationers, as well as day use sites and many hiking trails. The mountain is densely wooded with abundant oak trees, making for a picturesque winding drive up the mountain.

L.A. (Travel time: 2-3 hours)
Just 120 miles away, a visit to the City of Angels is an easy day trip from San Diego. That means you can mark off all the tourist attractions and really get to know the city, beaches, and hidden gems you won’t learn about in the tour books.

Catalina Island (Travel time: 2 hours by car and 1 hour by ferry from Long Beach)
An island playground 22 miles south-southwest of L.A., thousands of people visit Catalina Island each year. There are tons of water and outdoor activities to fill a whole weekend, including glass-bottom boat tours, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, golfing, or just relaxing on the beach.

Big Bear (Travel time: 2.5 hours)
Big Bear Lake is Southern California’s largest recreation lake, located 145 miles north of San Diego. During the summer you can fish, hike, camp, kayak, and more. Take a trip during the wintertime, and you can ski or snowboard.

Lake Gregory (Travel time: 3 hours)
Located in the community of Crestline, CA, Lake Gregory Regional Park is tucked in the cedar and pine forest of the San Bernardino Mountains. The lake has 84 surface acres for swimming and water sports and Lake Gregory is a cool respite in the hot summer months.

Joshua Tree (travel time: 3 hours)
Joshua Tree National Park is a vast protected area in southern California. It’s characterized by rugged rock formations and stark desert landscapes. Named for the region’s twisted, bristled Joshua trees, the park straddles the cactus-dotted Colorado Desert and the Mojave Desert, which is higher and cooler. Keys View looks out over the Coachella Valley. Hiking trails weave through the boulders of Hidden Valley.

Solvang (Travel time: 4.5 hours)
Considered the Danish capitol of the America, Solvang (which means “sunny field” in Danish), is a unique getaway in a charming Old World setting. Hop aboard the horse-drawn trolley with a pastry in hand. Then, bike the rest of the way through downtown to work it off before visiting a few of the 120 wineries and vineyards in the area.

Las Vegas (Travel time: 5 hours)
If the glow of the strip and the thrill of casinos aren’t up your alley, there is so much more to do in Vegas than you may realize. Check out this bucket list that includes Red Rock, Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River, among other activities.

Phoenix (Travel time: 5.5 hours)
One of the fastest growing cities in the nation, we’re including Phoenix despite the extra 30 minutes over our driving time limit. With beautiful winter weather, there are plenty of outdoor activities year-round. Favorites include hiking to top of Camelback Mountain and golfing, as well as a surprising number of arts and cultural attractions.

Quick recap of how 2017 compared to the previous year

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Vincent Crudo | Crudo and Associates Real Estate

Hey Guys, I’m Vincent Crudo with Willis Real Estate. It’s January 2018 and I’m exited to give you your Frist Pacific Beach Market Update for 2018!

I want to give you a quick recap of how 2017 compared to the previous year:
Th Number of Active Listings in 2017 down 4%
The Number of Sold Listings in 2017 was down just lightly at 1.3%

But one thing that has NOT gone down was The…Average… Sale Price. There was a 16.9% increase in 2017 compared to the previous year.
That’s pretty good if you ask me.
Keep this in mind…there are ONLY 37 Homes for sale in Pacific Beach. That’s not a much of a selection… I have quite a few buyers at the moment actively looking for property and we have exhausted all available options on the active market.
If you are a property owner in 92019, would you sell your home, duplex or multi-unit property!!!!?? If so I want to connect with you. Leave a comment, send me a direct message, or even an old fashion phone call I ALWAYS answer my phone.
I look forward to connecting.

Is it a good time to sell during the holidays?

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Vincent Crudo | Crudo and Associates Real Estate

Why didn’t’ the skeleton go to the ball???? Because he had NO BODY to go with!

Happy Halloween Guys…

I’m Vincent Crudo of Willis Allen Real Estate, It’s October, 2017 and I’m here to give you YOUR Pacific Beach Market Update.

In Pacific Beach it’s still a good time to be a Seller

With our current inventory is down 6% from last month and 14% from last year makes it a competitive time to be a buyer. This year’s smaller inventory means that buyers who waited to make a purchase have smaller selection to choose from.

There was a slight increase in pending properties compared to last month (5%)

And There were 18 properties sold in September, down 18% from September of 2016 and 14.% lower than the 21 sales the previous month.

As Holiday Season is coming upon us I have been getting the question form sellers “whether or not it’s a good time to sell during the holidays?

Usually most sellers don’t want to be bothered during the holiday season

or want to wait until after the new year and that is usually why our inventory shrinks.

In Short, my answer to that question is YES, it’s a great time to put your house up for sale if you are think about doing so.

As a seller you will have less competition and a lot of active buyers in the market place.

I’m mean…come on…Look at this setting, I’m here at Law St park on the bluff, it’s 80% this place is a amazing. I used ride my skate board to this beach as a kid to go surfing and have my mom pick me up at sunset, it’s a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in and I’m blessed to live here.

If you need help in this market, buying selling or investing, who you work with matters…send me a text email or give me phone call…I’m here to help.

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Vincent Crudo | Crudo and Associates Real Estate

Based on the current interest rates and trends you have been noticing, where do you see the market going this spring?

I think the market is going to be very strong this spring, if you look at the current interest rates for jumbo loans, that are still around that 4% and some banks even have interest rates under 4%, it makes it very attractive for home owners and home buyers to make that purchase they’ve been wanted to do.

As interest rates go up, the cost is going to be more expensive to obtain that same loan and I don’t know if you’re going to see home prices come down, therefore some buyers would be priced out of a certain price point if the didn’t potentially get in the market, not only this spring but sometime during 2016.

We are at a point where rates have no where to go but up, and quite frankly, it’s inevitable that that is whats going to happen. So you are someone who’s been on the fence about whether or not to get into the market, now would probably be the most ideal time to take advantage of how cheap money is to borrow, or course if you can qualify.

Visit www.freddiemac.com to see the most recent Economic & Housing Research, which address where they predict 30-year fixed mortgage rates will be headed.

Click Here to view and compare current mortgage rates.